Education Programme

From the quietest trickle in late summer to the thundering roar after spring rains, a river is a dynamic, ever changing eco-system. And in it- through turbulent riffles, quiet pools, under rocks and in gravel beds-live distinct communities of plants and animals that can easily be explored by those willing to wade in.

Our local rivers and river catchments are an excellent resources for teaching young people about the need to protect our natural environment.
CatchmentCARE has developed a range of education programmes to support local schools, teachers and pupils in that process.
In 2019 a number of eight schools within the projects three catchment areas took part in a seven week educational programme between April and June 2019.

Activity on the Arney - Lisa Doyle & Pupils from St Mary's PS Killesher explore the Larganess River

Educators from the River Backwater Catchment Trust visited the schools where they delivered a range of topics from:

1. Introduction to Water
2. River Visits on the Catchment
3. River Study - Classroom based
4. Water Underground – Visit to Marble Arch Caves
5. Man’s Impact on Rivers
6. Sharing the experience – Celebration Event

In addition to this programme the pupils helped to narrate four bespoke catchment films charting their education journey and telling us all about their local rivers and wildlife.

These films can be viewed on Click here to view.

In 2020 another 14 schools were booked into the avail of the programme but the programme was held up due to schools being closed (Covid 19).
We are intending to deliver the above programme in September & October 2020.